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Investment Portfolio Managers


Pernell Callaghan

Pernell has a sound background in the property industry and an in-depth understanding of property transactions. He is the founder and Director of the national agency Arizto Real Estate, which employs over 150 staff throughout New Zealand. Pernell’s in-depth property trading experience includes trading more than 50 residential properties. He has firsthand knowledge of the key factors contributing to a successful property transaction. ​ Pernell’s management and financial experience extends into the education sector as an alumni and active member of Dilworth School, which has over $1B of assets under management. Additionally, he is the current Treasurer of the Dilworth Old Boys Association.


Hayden Thompson

Hayden is a successful property investor who has been involved in over 60 real estate trade projects in a short space of 3 years, with more than 50 of those transactions occurring in a single calendar year during 2021. He is experienced in raising private capital to fund trade deals and has a thorough understanding of property transactions structured to protect an investor's interests. Hayden has first-hand experience in project managing large renovation projects; designing and consenting property for development; procuring land for other developers; and subdividing blocks of units. Hayden is connected with an excellent network of investors, developers, clients and real estate agents and has an adaptable approach to quickly mitigate risks and adapt to market changes.

Finance Manager

Eliza Howie

Eliza has a wealth of experience to optimise and facilitate the smooth running of Finbase, having previously been the Group Office Manager at one of NZ's largest finance companies for the past 8 years. She has a proven track record spanning across various business models, from start-ups through SMEs to corporations, both in the UK and in New Zealand. Her dedication to streamlining administrative processes keeps our operations running seamlessly, while maximising efficiency. Eliza has proven ability to develop and implement effective new systems and procedures. With her meticulous attention to detail, integrity and talent for multi-tasking, our financial and administrative functions are in very capable hands.

Interested to see what our clients invest in? Click below to view recent transactions and investment opportunities that Finbase have provided.

Examples of Our Wholesale Investment Funds

Examples of our recently funded investment opportunities

Interested to see what our clients invest in? Click below to view recent transactions and investment opportunities that Finbase have provided.

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